Liu Spicy Restaurant 【劉家香辣館】

  Tel.: 0578-2156888 Bus:No.6

  Address:Zhongdong Roade No.708,Lishui

  Liu spicy restaurant has the best Sichuan food and epitomize innovation of Hangzhou food. After the Sichuan, Hangzhou two chefs carefully prepared grinding, eventually has this delicious, hot and unforgetable three major characteristics of specialty dishes today: spicy lobster, spicy marsh shrimp, fragrance of fish and spicy Spicy crab dishes , lead with wild fish sauce as the campaign sauce, and Soy sauced duck tongue, Liu jia sauced goods come out, it stir up the consumers appetite because their unique taste of the food, made them so intoxicated. “Delicious, stimulating,very good.” is the unanimous praise of Liujia dishes. led to wild fish sauce Law for the vanguard of the campaign sauce, and as Soy sauced duck tongue, Liu jia sauced goods come out, it teaser Off their appetite because their unique taste of the food, made them so intoxicated. “Delicious, stimulating,very good.” is the unanimous praise of Liujia dishes.



 Shiquanshimei hot pot 【食全食美涮涮鍋】

  Address : Youshan Road No.280 , Lishui
   Tel. : 0578-2621111
  Opening Time : 9:00-00:00

  1、 OUR pot soup is cooked by professional chefs for years' concentrated study ,mixed with dangshen, caoguo,baiKou and so on dozens of Chinese herbal medicines.


2、The Specials --Shuan Yangrou ,with high quality,which from the Xilin Gol prairie .
3、The lamb meat is non-fried, is more conducive to human health.
4、One pot./people .


 lishui Yuxiang qipin braised-food 【 麗水市御香七品燜鍋店 】

  Address:No.50 Dayang Roade ,Lishui

  Beijing Xinpai Royal Food Technology Development Ltd. Co.。 the Royal Fujian-food technology development company before, founded in 1996, successfully registered "Yu xiang " trademark in 1998 . In 2005, we successfully restructed it to Beijing Xinpai Yuxiang Food Technology Development Ltd. Co. , The company has more than 6,000 square meters of office buildings, it brought experts and modern restaurants catering manager together about 100 people,applicated the national patent of technology。


  Patent No.: 2007101463142.With the Unique formula, mature technology, innovative management models,we entered the Chinese market strongly.


 Hibiscus restrant 【湘水芙蓉湘味館】

  Address:No.2 Dayang Roade ,Lishui

  Xiangcai is called one of eight chinese cuisine.It ' s mellow,soft taste mixed combinated with spicy,formed a unique flavor,just like a cordial and lively girl.when you step into it ,the unique combination of classical and
stlylish environment will increase your appetite, and a strings of red peper shock your eyes, let you can not wait to experience the stimulation of the food .



 Lotus Villa 【荷花山莊】

  Address:5km away from the city.
  Tel,:0578—2971776 13905887897 13967093223

Fulin Lotus Villa is near the river and mountain, surrounded by beautiful views and fresh air ,especiouly in the spring and summer, all the lotus blooms, let you taste another magic feeling .and when the night is coming ,it just like the view that famous writter zhu ziqing wrote. There are outdoor pavilion,fishing pond, vineyards,orange yard, peach,pear and non-pollution organic vegetable garden in the villa, provide you an ideal place to “ come back to nature ” . You should come here and have a taste the local food ,we have chicken,wild fish ,kinds of wine and green vegetable waitting for you .


 Wulian Food center 【五聯美食城】

  Address:Zhongshan street No.465 (the opposide of KFC)

   Wu lian Food center is located in Zhongshan Street (the old white clouds resturant), gathered around
with the department store, Zhongshan department stores, cotton market, KFC, Oscar theater and numerous shops, No.1 and No.18 bus can take you there directly, transportation is very convenient. Since the first phase of food items came out, with its affordable price, elegant environment and standardized management ,it has attracted the majority of consumers, and become a popular consumption to local people recently .
  The second floor of steak Museum has an elegant environment, so you can dining while overlooking the bustling scene.
  The third floor, “the sea-food” plaza
introduced a flavor of all kinds of snacks for the vast number of consumers, also has a capacity of 200 seats in the restaurant .
   So convenient, fast dining style , clean and stylish dining atmosphere,
Wulian saved you more time in this busy life; and have a cup of tea-milk, ice-cream ,ice sara or have a barbecue after shopping.