Oujiang drifting Paradise 【甌江漂流樂園】

  grade :State AA

  “Drifting Paradise” is located in Lishui City Liandu Bihu town ,Baikou Village, LishuiTaoshan ------ Bihu (Tao-Bi line) next to a secondary road, 12 km away from the urban areas of Lishui。

  It will take you half an hour to get there by bus,or more than 20 minutes by taxi , private car and coaches。

  Automotive → Bus : Taking a Lvgu bus in East Station or taxi ride directly

   Car : Lishui urban → Bihu , Baikou village (about 12 kilometers)

  Full drifting Price: 40 yuan ; Half drifting Price: 30 yuan

  Scenic areas opening time: The best time to drift is the annual period of March to November ,open all day, endless holidays。

  Accommodation around: 1. Lishui International Hotel; 2, Sunny ? Bauhinia Hotel;3, the modern Plaza Hotel, 4, Nanming guesthouse; 5, Liancheng Hotel, 6, Lishui Feida Hotel。

  Food and other peripheral information : 1, Banzai food; 2, Mother Hand Xiaochao; 3, Liu spicy Museum。

  Shopping around: 1. Lishui shoping mall;2, Jindu Walking Street ; 3, Lishui department store;4, Federated shoping mall;5, the Federal spring shoping mall。

  Vientiane Hill park  【萬象山】


  Vientiane Hill Park is located in north-west of Lishui urban, standing by the Oujiang. Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing, have been built Vientiane House, congfu Temple, Yilan Pavilion, Yanyu Lou, Daguan Pavilion, Qinhuai Temple, Dongtian lou, and so on. Circuitous trails, towering trees, temple and pavilion during the period, known as "Dongtianyanyu". 1979 turned into parks, has built a martyrs ' monument , Daguan Pavilion, Wangjiang Ting, Yan Yu-ting, deyue lou, Yanyu Lou, and so on.

  Folk Park 【民俗樂園】


  Zhejiang Folk park construction site in Lishui City the overall planning in the overall planning of urban green belts , on the East of Zhenxing Road, west of Zijin Road, south of Feida Road, North of Shouyuan Road. the park covers an area of 350 acres, is developed in two period, one covering 150 acres.  

  Zhejiang Folk park is a leisure-based development object, full of ethnic and religious balance and family Fun, put folk as the theme, and play is the content .the scenic spots mainly include folk customs, arts entertainment, leisure, agriculture this four blocks .And the development of folk customs, arts entertainment and leisure resort as the first development project, covering 150 acres , agricultural areas as the secend tourism development projects .the design of each block has the same old structure, technical arts isomorphism , With the structure of Chinese and Western principles of the four blocks, both independent and integration, echoing each other .

     Folk park features scenic areas of the four directions: folk-custom park in the northern district, comprehensive entertainment district in the southeastern of the park, leisure park is located in the southwest, tourism in agricultural areas throughout the Northeast of the park. The park functional blocks and relatively independent of merging and forming a distinctive ethnic characteristics, Green, and water around park 。